General Information Opening Hors  7:00am-10:00pm
throughout the year except December 31 &January 1

Prices(All prices include taxes.)

Admission fee

Time Prices
7:00am-10:00pm 550yen per day

Ball fee (prices per ball)

Time Mon.-Fri. Sat.,Sun.,&Holiday
7:00am-9:00am 8yen 10yen
9:00am-Close 9yen 10yen

* No admission fee for children in a middle school or younger.
* No admission fee for second entry on the same day.

Rental club   ・・・200yen per club
Rental club ・・・1,000yen more than 6 clubs
Rental shoes ・・・200yen per shoes
Bunker & putting green(bent) practice area・・・200yen per hour

*No fee for putting green (korai) area in our parking lot.

Prepaid cards here are four different prepaid cards as follows.

2,000yen card no premium
3,000yen card it is worth 3,150yen
5,000yen card it is worth 5,500yen
10,000yen card it is worth 11,500yen

At the time of entry, admission fee is deducted from your prepaid card. Then, you may use the balance of the card for ball fee. When you buy another prepaid card additionally, you are kindly requested to present it to our front desk for checking before your use. You may use the balance of your prepaid cards next time.